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Maybe this kind of information should come from other wedding experts and you may be thinking this article is completely biased and yes, you’re right.

Of course, as a wedding photography and videography team we are seriously interested in explaining the reasons why you should consider to hire a videographer for your wedding day but, beyond our particular interests, we definitely want to help all couples out there make better decisions.

Yes, we feel you, it may seem like a very large budget dedicated on documentation considering the investment in photography, but after many experiences in weddings in which we were requested please, record some speeches, or please, record the whole day because we just changed our minds and not being able to do it because we weren’t ready for that without any prior-notice, we have lay the cards on the table to help you consider all the aspects because we can’t stand those sad faces one more time.

1. You are able to go back over and over to that day

Your wedding day will happen only once in your life but your wedding video will allow you to relive it forever. Some memories will fade hopelessly but the video will bring to life the most magical moments that take place that day and that’s priceless.

2. For those who couldn’t make it

As sad as this may sound, probably some of your family members or close friends won’t make it that day and the video will be the best way they’ll have to feel very involved in what that day ended up being. Photos are amazing but videos manage to transmit tons of emotions.

3. The words spoken can’t be photographed

We’re talking about a once-in-a-lifetime event and those vows and speeches need to be captured forever. They are truly emotional moments and it will be a gift for you and yours to be able to hear them again in your short video or in the long version of your video.

4. There they are, all the moments you missed

Either because your nerves won’t allow you to see everything or because it’s physically impossible to do so, that extra set of ears and eyes that is your videographer will show how you and your spouse looked standing at the altar, how pretty all the effort you put into the decor looked and how your parents saw you two while you were saying your vows.

5. An enjoyable video

It’s not the 80’s, so, we assure you, this won’t be a difficult and extremely long video to watch once in life as some people still believe. Your videographer (if it’s Lina we really mean it) will put their heart and soul to capture the magic around and all their creativity to turn your wedding video in to a memory you will want to watch at least each anniversary.

6. No regrets

We don’t want you to be asking friends and family the day after your wedding if any of them by chance recorded videos of your vows or first dance and wondering if it wasn’t a bad idea not hiring a videographer. We’re sure that by hiring any videographer you’ll avoid regrets and by hiring the one whose work you really love you’ll obtain a real treasure for your new family.