About us

A great team

In love with the love and the happy days, those when the love is a party, that is what we are basically, husband and wife, photographer and videographer, a great team. We are not a company, we are two people with hearts full of dreams and a great desire to achieve them. We love natural light, animals (specially doggies), coffee, ice-creams and to take photos and videos. We love pizza, to watch movies and Netflix. When we aren’t taking photos and videos we are editing photos and videos, also in meetings with our clients or walking our doggie Luquitas, who is honorific team’s member. We hope to meet more amazing people who teach and inspire us, fill our hearts and remind us that the only wasted time is when you stop believing in your dreams.

We love to capture genuine smiles and glances, those spontaneous sparks that last a few seconds and only a good observer gets to see.

We love to tell the real story, life with its incidents and all what makes it a unique journey.

We may seem a little quiet but we’re observing and learning what is that makes different and special each couple and each story. We are sure ours is the best job in the world and our choice to feel so much happiness and love in every wedding keeps warm our hearts and it gets us a little bit closer to our dreams.