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The coolest opportunity to get back on track came up with this nice collab with Jessi from Flora Wedding Studio with whom we decided to create a styled shoot to celebrate pride month.

This situation of Covid-19 has been difficult, many months have passed with our cameras in their suitcases waiting for the opportunity to tell love stories and now we had something to be excited about. We tried to keep it as simple as possible anyway because of the same virus thing, so what we did was we started planning in a familiar place for Jessi, her studio.

The way she filled all the space with color and details was beautiful, the whole concept of diversity is there, implicit in every detail. And we were very lucky to find two amazing couples so freaking in love and glad to share with the world what happiness looks like.

A couple of times we’ve gotten emails from same-sex couples asking if we would be comfortable with the idea of covering their wedding and we don’t think that’s fair, a wedding should only be about the feelings of those who are going to get married and our feelings should not be something that concerns them. We couldn’t believe then or now that someone had to worry about making us uncomfortable just for loving the one they love, that’s mad and wrong.

These days we’ve realized that, although we’ve always been more than delighted with the idea of covering same-sex weddings or same-sex couples photo shoots, we never talked about it here or on our social networks, we never said before that we are advocates of love in all its shapes and colors.

This experience made us see everything clearly. Somehow, someway, the fact that we were silent about something turned us into censors of the struggle of a group of people who are discriminated against and whose rights have been and continue to be violated over and over. And if we’ve learned anything lately it has been we need to stand up for those causes we know deserve our full attention and care. Remaining silent makes us complicit in what is wrong in the world and we do not want to be in that position anymore.

Instead we want to become a safe place for all those who love because all that matters is that they are brave enough to go after what they believe and feel.

We all have responsibilities and one of our own is to become allies and allies are always there to break down prejudices and build fresh and renewed ways of understanding life, humanity, identities and LOVE.

Styling, florals: Flora Wedding Studio

Couples: Laura & Camila @lalaycami – Felipe & Steven @trazo___