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In-home sessions have become a thing for some time, but with recent events taking place around the world they have become a big deal. They are not just a trend but a new way of expressing ourselves as creative and a magical way of preserving memories for families and couples.

We love them, we have been encouraging couples for a long time to have sessions at home, but most of them have preferred outdoor sessions. And don’t take us wrong, we definitely love outdoor sessions too, but if we talk about intimacy and genuineness, in-home sessions are more than perfect

Amérika and Iván got in touch a few weeks before we left Colombia, around September 2018, and Sergio had the pleasure of sharing with the whole family a beautiful afternoon at their home chasing furry little friends with his camera.

A very sweet doggy and two shy cats (were they really shy or just uncooperative?) made this session a whole new experience.

We are booking sessions for all those families expecting a baby, couples enjoying an extra time together thanks to Covid-19 or families with furry babies or children or both, learning together how to deal with change.

Here are 6 tips to keep in mind to have the best results for your in-home session with family (children, furry friends, couple):

1. Make sure all family members are well rested. Especially if there are toddlers, plan your session after their nap time.

2. Plan an activity. It’s about capturing your real life and although we know none of us have a photographer chasing us at home usually, that’s the concept, capturing you and your family doing something nice at home, capturing candid moments.

3. Tidy the home but keep it as yours as possible, it’s not about a complete redecoration.

4. Take your time to get ready and feel great. Dress up nice, comfortably and relaxed, those are the vibes of a home session. Neutral colors and patterns are your friends, while bright colors can be difficult to deal with.

5. Have fun. Expect for the unexpected and embrace it. Smile and everything will go smoothly. The goal is to remember your family as they are.

6. Have some treats ready for your furry friends, a snack for your toddlers or a cup of tea, a glass of wine or a beer for yourself, whatever feels natural.

The point about these sessions is to capture the interactions between each other and have fun!

Glad to share with all of you the best games Amérika’s family plays and the best hideout a cat can find. Thanks to them for opening their home for us.

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