What an elopement is

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If at any point elopements were all about running away to disobey the parents and go against the status-quo, today elopements are for those freaking in love couples who defy traditions to embark on adventures to epic places, taking only what essential and those who are essential and thus celebrate something as universal as love of the most unique and personal way possible.

No, elopements don’t turn the bride and groom into hosts for a big party, elopements make them protagonists of an intimate moment and turn their love into the reason to be of everything what happens.

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The perks of eloping

1. Money-saving: When you take out of the guest-list those who aren’t fundamental, when a desert table doesn’t take place in a natural spot, when invitations are better face to face, all the costs go down.

2. Just the essential: Never made more sense the phrase less is more, just some few will be invited and many must-have of the weddings that don’t speak to you will be put aside. Those long wedding check-lists just don’t exist in the elopements because the must-have are reduced to two people in love, those people who really matter and maybe a celebrant.

3. Any place: You can elope in almost any location you imagine, a beach, natural reserves, the building’s rooftop.

4. More sustainable: Going back to that less is more… wastage doesn’t take place in elopements, the planet is going to love that couple who make the decision to reduce the guest list and therefore reduce waste.

5. Just what is truly meaningful: Elopements distance themselves from the commonplace of weddings, all those traditions that don’t make sense for many people won’t be part of that day.

Elopements in Colombia

Elopements are not certainly new in many place of the world but it’s hard to imagine another scenario more favorable for its popularity to increase.

In these strange days, to which many of us are adapting, the elopements show up as an alternative to celebrate the union of two of a simple, unique and meaningful way.

Together with Flora Wedding Studio we have wanted to make of elopements something very simple to plan for those couples who have decided to marry that way.

Our intention is none other than to help those couples in love elope to a beautiful place to have a meaningful and intimate celebration.

We’re sure it’s not necessary more than a dream location, deep vows and deep vows and a record of it all to evoke it from time to time, to make it one of the best days ever.

Flora has designed packages in truly amazing places of Colombia to make of elopements a genuine adventure for the bride and groom.

And for our part we’ll help you to capture all those meaningful words and intimate moments forever to go back once and again to that day, to remember every kiss and beautiful word spoken and every detail you chose to make it entirely yours.

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