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We said before, Elopement in Palomino are three words that together became real happiness. To get there, to feel the force and peace of nature and to meet, or better, to meet again with Diana and Rafa, was a dream come true, without fear of exaggeration. 

We met them a few years ago at the wedding of Lina and David, who were also in Palomino, and, we have to admit, we thought they Diana and Rafa were a really cool couple, so when they reached out to us about the very small wedding they were starting to plan, that would take place in Palomino, we got really excited.

And some messages and a video call later, as the pandemic deserves, there we were, in that little piece of paradise telling one of their happiest days with all the people who had to be there with them, not just witnessing but being part of a rite of love.

With all the attendees barefoot on the beach, symbolic gifts from their families to the bride and groom and laughter that were confused with tears and tears that were confused with laughter, was the ceremony of Diana and Rafa, unique, happy and meaningful.

Elopements are wonderful and what we love most about them is their authentic and unique nature, they have no rules or scripts but each couple is free to create rites with true meaning for them, that tell their own story. For example, Diana and Rafa walked down the aisle at the same time but on different paths and gathered at the altar and that was full of meaning to them from the moment they planned it.

In these tough days for the wedding industry of postponed dates and uncertainty for brides and grooms and vendors, every wedding we have the opportunity to be a part of turns into a gift and gratefulness and the desire to do better than ever does not fit within us.

Those who know us know that loop is much more than our work, but personal and global circumstances have made us learn to take nothing for granted and remain grateful for every day that we can keep this boat afloat. 

Elopements remain in the world of weddings as the most realistic and beautiful option to keep getting married these days and that is another reason why we love them.

Thanks Diana and Rafa for making us part of that magic day in which that word, thanks, made so much sense.


VENUE: El Matuy

DRESS: Bless