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We have been planning this blog post for a long time and finally found the moment to sit in front of the laptop to write down all the info that we’ve collected for more than 10 years working on weddings in Colombia, mainly in the savannah of Bogotá.

Disclaimer: this is not a ranking and each venue mentioned has a place in our hearts and we really consider all of them great options for getting married.

Hacienda Márquez

Located in La Calera, Hacienda Márquez mixes the natural atmosphere offered by its willow and pine gardens, with the classic style of its casona, stone bridges and sculptures.

There’s something magical about getting dressed on the wedding day, you just need the right spot and Hacienda Marquez offers a really nice one not only appropriate but unique.

The oratory also offers a classic style and provides a special touch: every time a ceremony ends, the entrance bell of the oratory rings announcing that a new couple is happily married.

We’ve covered there intimate weddings with no more than 80 guests as well as big weddings with around 200 guests, so we can say that it’s a very versatile place that adapts to the requirements of each couple.

Check out their website here: haciendamarquez.com

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Hacienda Fagua

Due to its architecture and its ability to take you to the past, this place could be located in a small town in Colombia, but instead it’s very close to Bogotá.

A traditional house with numerous rooms that converge to a patio, hundreds of colorful flowers that decorate the entire property, a colonial chapel with capacity for 160 people surrounded by mountains and trees, are some of the reasons to consider Hacienda Fagua as the right one for your marriage.

The tent where the reception takes place brings many possibilities to create a special decoration according with each couple’s taste.

Check out their website here: fagua.com

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Orgánica en el Cielo

This is a unique place found in the middle of nature in La Calera. It’s exactly the kind of place to disconnect from the city and have a laid-back wedding celebration.

To realize how unique it is, you just have to take a look at the small island where the ceremony takes place, such an unforgettable spot!

The lookout that you can find on the property has to be our favorite spot to visit with the couple after the ceremony, from there you simply get the best natural view of La Calera.

Check out their website here: organicaenelcielo.com

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Hacienda La Martina

This venue was designed to celebrate weddings, allowing you to have the best amenities for every moment of the day.

The room where the bride gets ready is ideal and has even a small garden, the perfect spot for the bride to write their vows or just take some photos without being seen by the guests.

The chapel and reception room are surrounded by always bloomed and green gardens, and the lake in the center of the property with the mountains around it, makes La Martina also a great choice for an outdoor ceremony or cocktail.

Check out their website here: lamartinaeventos.com

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Hacienda San Carlos

Located in the little town of Subachoque, very close to Bogotá, this hacienda reminds colonial and in each of its corners tells stories from another time.

Even the road there is charming, green mountains and crops surround the highway and you start to have an idea of what will be the Hacienda San Carlos.

The big font on the patio is the center of the hacienda and a great spot to receive your guests during the cocktail.

Large corridors surround the white and green casona and are beautiful spots by themselves, filled with the typical flower pots of the colonial era, have the perfect light to take some portraits.

Check out their website here: haciendasancarlos.com.co

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Hacienda Retiro de San Juan

This venue has three different options of reception rooms depending on the number of guests, what ensures to the couples that are going to have just the right space for their celebration.

Retiro de San Juan is located in Bogotá and full of green gardens that also helps to delimit different spaces and create a natural atmosphere.

There you can find a perfect chapel to celebrate the ceremony but also a special spot to have outdoors ceremonies was designed for those who are looking for this option.

Check out their website here: retirodesanjuan.com

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Hacienda Pozo Chico

Vines, amazing corridors surrounded by gardens and a total impressive chapel, are incomparable icons of this venue.

Pozo Chico has two different reception rooms depending on the number of guests, and two agoras, one for welcoming cocktails and the other for celebrating outdoor ceremonies.

The chapel is so outstanding that it is even used most of the time to take some photos during the couple session.

Check out their website here: haciendapozochico.com

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Hacienda Los Laureles

This is a totally stunning hacienda with more than 200 years of construction located in Tenjo, Cundinamarca.

This place is a complete spectacle for outdoor ceremonies, centennial trees create a magical atmosphere to witness lifelong unions.

The green areas of the property brings versatility to decide how to treat your guests, you can choose between an outdoors reception or set up a tent to celebrate.

Check out their website here: haciendaloslaureles.blogspot.com

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Hacienda Remanso Del Río

An adobe house to celebrate framed by flowered gardens, is the way to start describing this venue.

The cozy chapel is a great option for those planning a Catholic wedding, but you should also consider the beautiful gardens and huge trees of the hacienda as the backdrop for an outdoor ceremony.

The lake behind the property is a lovely place to have the couple surrounded by nature during their session.

Check out their website here: remansodelrio.com

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Casa Andrés, la casa que casa y otros festines

This venue has the cool attitude of the other businesses under the same brand, Andrés Carne de Res, but the good manners of two matchmakers, the way they decided to call the wedding planners who are in charge there.

Their promises, every detail is perfectly cared for to be just the way it was planned and every wedding is unique, something that is not hard to believe if you have visited before some of the famous restaurants of the brand, complete experiences by themselves.

With capacity for up to 350 people, this house offers not only a place to be, but a moment to live, dance and enjoy and this can be the “jolgorio” you were dreaming of.

Check out more info here: zankyou.com.co/andres

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Hacienda El Salitre

Endless gardens in the middle of the savanna mountains frame a glass chapel, one of the main features of this hacienda located very close to Bogotá.

The reception room has capacity up to 300 people and was restored preserving the same style with which it was built.

A charming dollhouse is the room where preparations take place, such an ideal space to start a memorable day.

Check out their website here: haciendaelsalitre.com

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