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wedding flowers wedding flowers

Flowers have an important place at every wedding in order to help couples express themselves and create the atmosphere they want for their day.

And we know, after Covid-19 many aspects of the wedding industry will change but we’re sure that the industry in general and specifically florists, will find a way to continue doing what they do best, perhaps now in those small, intimate weddings that many of us are imagining will take place from now on.

wedding flowers wedding flowerswedding flowers

We took on the task of contacting those florists with whom we’ve loved to work or with whom we hope to do so soon and asked them some questions about the topic of their expertise: wedding flowers, what is important to have in mind always, what is important to have in mind under this contingency and what is to come.



Photo courtesy of Flowerland

Daniela and Angélica are two very talented florists who always bring new ideas. We asked them:

How do you get the best of the place where the ceremony takes place, let’s say a chapel or church?

A: We believe that to get the best with the floral design of the place where the ceremony will take place, the most important part is the scouting in the company of the couple and a plan of the place, so we can take advantage of the architecture of the place while we take care that the chosen color palette connects somehow with the place.

It is also important to take into account how we adapt client requirements without falling into the literality of their ideas.

We like to highlight the place and not invade it. We think with nice details the place will look great! 



The flower girl · Flora Wedding Studio

flora wedding studio
Photo courtesy of Flora Wedding Studio

Jéssika, the wedding planner behind Flora Wedding Studio, is also the passionate florist of The flower girl, where she harmoniously integrates multiple elements to transform spaces oriented to the creation of authentic concepts that tell stories. We asked her:

What different and innovative ideas are regarding the floral design of a wedding reception hall?

A: The reception hall is a place where you have thousands of things to do, from the centerpieces to the napkins, bar and lounges, is one of the areas with the most potential given its size and the amount of details you can add there.

We like to start from the use of flowers or materials, try to make them different, no more of the same or at least not the ones we see in all the images of Pinterest.

We use elements to texture the flowers looking many times surprising, we get inspired by the venue from the beginning so that we are able to communicate through what we have around us.

We apply this to every detail mentioned above, to how a nopal may change all the setup of a table or to how having 9 different centerpieces between them may drastically change not only the look of a wedding but also the experience of the guests when they see the decor from the general to the detail.

www.weareflora.co · @theflowergirl.co


Pensamientos Florería

color palette
Photo courtesy of Pensamientos Florería

María José from Pensamientos Florería, the legacy of her mum María Cristina, has the challenge to continue with this family business. They like to research the new trends to adjust them to their own style so that each event is unique. We asked her:

What should be taken into account when choosing the color palette of the wedding flowers?

A: I think that you should start with what you like and from the idea you have built for your dream wedding.

My main advice is to try to be different, although it is believed that they are certain colors for each event what matters is that you create a concept, because that’s where a story is going to come from, where any color is valid.

Now, some tips I can give you when choosing the shade of flowers is to consider where they will be placed as some shades will better match and enhance the venue and the decoration itself. And once you choose the color you like, seeks that each element has a link with everything, so you go from “copying” a style to “creating” your own style.

Dare to choose different colors to those usually used and thus you’ll get your event stand out among others, for example, why not dare with black for a wedding instead of the traditional golden or pastel tones? Everything is possible with the right selection of every detail.



La Fiorería

la fioreria
Photo courtesy of La Fiorería

La Fiorería is a floral design studio that creates installations and floral arrangements for social and business events. Cristina, the person behind La Fiorería, describes their style like informal and sophisticated, elegant yet organic. We asked her:

What are the trends regarding floral wedding design for the end of this year and 2021?

A: Talking about trends reminds me of Gabriel García Márquez, I feel like we’re in a moment of pure magical realism! What has happened in the world over the past few months, how unexpected and absurd the change of life for absolutely everybody has been, has left us great teachings.

Well, I think the most important and remarkable has been to take care of our environment and our planet. Therefore the trend from now on will focus on sustainable events, where everything we use is either disposable or has a second, third or even more use options.

Lengthening the life cycle of objects and materials we use during events is trend. For example, the minimal use of floral foam to generate less environmental impact is key in this new trend, all decorators have this great responsibility, not to pollute, not to generate too much waste and to separate the waste. 

Likewise it’s a fact that boutique weddings will lead the industry. They aren’t basic weddings without details rich in textures and colors, on the contrary they’re weddings with an amazing explosion of design.

The combination of plants and flowers is key to achieve this new style, plants give that organic and colorful touch that will continue in trend in 2021 and flowers with movement and natural fall will never cease to be trend. The blue touches on the accessories remain strong, combined with candles in different shades following the color palette of the event.



Rama & Flora · Momenti Eventos

momenti eventos
Photo courtesy of Momenti Eventos

Rama & Flora was created by Valeria, one of the two hearts of Momenti Eventos where together with Andrea, her business partner, make dreams come true, just as the wedding planners and decorators they are. We asked them:

What should be taken into account when choosing the kind of flowers to be used in te decoration of a wedding?

A: Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing your wedding flowers:

1. Define a wedding concept: Describe in 1 or 2 words the essence of you both. At this point you may define a color palette, which is important to not go nuts when choosing the flowers.

2. By having the concept of the wedding it will be clear what the style of your wedding is. It can be classic, contemporary, modern, eco or natural.

3. With the chosen place you can know clearly how the weather will be, an important factor to choose your flowers. Hydrangeas, buttercups, squabios, delphinium, coves, gerberas and snapdragons can be very delicate and high temperatures can dehydrate and wither them rapidly. If you are in temperatures over 18 degrees, you can opt for more resistant and durable flowers like carnations, roses of high quality, alstroemerias, proteas, every kind of foliage. It is important to know the final location of the flowers to carefully choose which variety of flowers can be outdoors with direct sunlight but also this will help you distribute your budget more wisely and so use the more expensive flowers where they’ll receive more attention as in the centerpieces and the bouquet.

4. The date is important: You’ll work with living beings, which are cultivated and bloom in different seasons. Even though we don’t have strongly marked seasons in Colombia, you must be careful because we don’t have all the flowers all year round! So you better make sure that by your wedding date there will be a harvest of your chosen flower.

5. Flowers, more than decorative elements, are living beings: Please, don’t forget about this and make a careful selection of the variety and quantity you’ll use of them. Less is more and that you have thousands of stems in your decor doesn’t mean it’ll be more beautiful. We suggest choosing organic floral designs that allow to appreciate the beauty of each flower, where they look and feel free.

@momenti_eventos / @ramayflora.co


Flowers by Eli · Eliana Fernández Wedding Planner

eliana fernandez wedding planner
Photo courtesy of Eliana Fernández

Eliana is wedding and event planner who has recently been developing a new brand, Flowers by Eli, where she offers floral experiences and, as she herself says, makes every detail matter. We asked her:

What is necessary to keep in mind when choosing the shape, size and flowers of the bouquet?

A: The bouquet is the most important complement when you walk down the aisle, is an element that defines you as a bride. It can enhance the look or dull it, reflects your personality, style and taste and give you self-confidence.

Although there no rules about bouquets, there are certain aspects to choose it wisely:

Height: The bouquet should proportional to the height and enhances the bride. For short brides I suggest round and small bouquets with little fall but for tall brides the bouquet may be in cascade, elongated, with long stem.

Hair Color and Skin Tone: For blonde brides or brides with pale skin are suitable cold colors, pastels, blue or pink tones. On the other hand, for dark-skinned brides, it would be ideal to use bright or warm colors.

Bridal dress: For princess dresses you may choose a big bouquet, for A-shaped dresses you should wear a medium bouquet. If your dress has many details like lace or rhinestones, you should choose a simple bouquet to allow your dress to be the protagonist. If you’ll wear a modern dress, long stem or asymmetrical bouquets go very well.

Wedding style: The ribbon to tie your bouquet should be in fabric if yours is an elegant, classic or romantic wedding. If your wedding is rustic, boho or less conventional, you may use organic textures like ‘fique’ or wild branches.

Wedding venue: If your wedding will be celebrated at a hotel or club, you could go for a classic or romantic bouquet. If your wedding will take place in a country house it will be convenient a wild bouquet, if your wedding is outdoors in warm weather or on the beach you may think of a tropical bouquet with exotic flowers.

@weddingwitheliana · @flowersbyeli

We want to say a big thank all these talented florists, planners, decorators who took the time to answer our questions. We’re sure that this information is going to be very helpful for all brides and grooms to be.